Mount Hotham

Village bus service improvements

In 2018, Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (MHARMB) introduced a new provider for the free Village shuttle bus service. This was done to refresh the bus fleet with modern vehicles, enable the service to be wheelchair accessible, and to introduce a scheduling system that would respond to peak demand during busy periods.

The provider of the new service is Alpine Spirit Coaches, a local company with extensive expertise and experience in providing bus services in the challenging alpine environment.

The bus service is included as part of the suite of services funded by winter resort entry fees, and enables guests who are staying for more than one day to leave their cars safely in long term car-parking.

When introducing the new service, MHARMB was well aware there would be a settling in period while the new provider and their staff familiarised themselves with the mountain terrain and our unique requirements.

Thanks to feedback from guests and on-mountain operators and accommodation managers, we have been addressing issues that impact on guest experience including:

  • Timing of bus services
  • Reliability of the service (e.g. missing stops)
  • Response to high demand periods during specific days (e.g. school holidays) and at specific times (e.g. lunchtime, when snowsports lessons finish and parents need to pick up children)
  • Driver knowledge of Mt Hotham and services provided

There is still improvement to be done, and we are currently working closely with Alpine Spirit Coaches to resolve all issues. We hope you have noticed an improvement in the timing and reliability of the services, and the response to high demand periods through the use of extra buses.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us with feedback. It is vital that we hear from you so that we can address issues promptly.

We encourage everyone to continue providing feedback to us so we can ensure this service meets its contractual requirements and provides a positive guest experience. Please send your feedback to