Mount Hotham

Launch of Annual Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

MHARMB currently engage in extensive market research in regard to guest experience and satisfaction with the Resort and its services. However, the Board currently relies on its relationships with the Hotham Skiiers Association and Stakeholders to gather feedback around its performance as the Land Manager for Mount Hotham.

Driven by the Victorian Government's new policy to collect survey data on satisfaction with Local Councils, the Board has assembled a survey targeted at ratepayers and committees of lodges to seek feedback around the key issues of utilities services, costs, our marketing, and back-of-house communications. This will be used to identify areas that require our attention.

As the survey is designed to be comprehensive, it will take up to 15-minutes to complete. The Board encourages as many people as possible to complete this survey in order to ensure that their views can be considered in future policy.

The survey can be accessed at