Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham 'Sense of place' Project

The Mount Hotham Sense of place project aims to identify the unique qualities of Mount Hotham and surrounds that will ultimately inform the improvement to character and sense of place throughout the village. Identifying those unique qualities will be achieved through an inclusive process of discovery of community values for Mount Hotham and the sharing of ideas.

The Mount Hotham Resort Management Board has already conducted considerable planning for the upgrading of village amenity and functionality. The Mount Hotham Resort Masterplan provides clear direction for improving infrastructure and amenity to support year round visitation. The Sense of place project will provide direction for the landscape treatment including the location and type of public place infrastructure including furniture, pavement, lighting and planting.

Current efforts have focused on the Hotham Central activity area. It is proposed to establish a formal Shared Zone from the Hull skier bridge to Hot Plate Drive to support improving this area for pedestrians through both summer and winter. Traffic calming measures including signage and implementation of pedestrian furniture and features will be required to support the function of the Shared Zone.

However winter operations including snow management must be considered for determining the location and type of furniture and landscape treatment. Snow management demands that the Hotham Central activity area be left generally open to support the free movement of snow grooming machines as well as loaders, trucks and snow blowers. Consequently permanent infrastructure must be located with minimum impact on winter operations.

A landscape concept plan has been developed taking account of the winter operations constraints. Key features of the Hotham Central landscape concept include:

1) use of different coloured and textured surfaces to minimise the potential dominance of the road.

2) Use of low hardscape elements including stairs and garden bed edging to define pedestrian spaces during the non-snow period.

3) Implementation of large structures at key nodes to assert the shared use functions of the area and enhance the village character.

4) Use of seasonal traffic calming infrastructure including bollards and mobile planter boxes to be deployed in the bus lane and other Pull in areas to reduce the perceptible road space.

Efforts are now focused on detailed design including identifying ways to characterise the space through bespoke furniture, detailing and placement of sculptural elements. The Board invite the Hotham community to provide comment on the Landscape Concept Plan and any ideas regarding characterising the public realm of the Hotham Village. Ideas may include reference to historical events, natural features or ways of telling the story of memorable experiences in the village.

Comments can be made via email to, by mail to the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board, P.O. Box 188, Bright, Victoria, 3741; or by calling 0357593550.

A presentation on the Sense of place project was recently provided to the Hotham Skiing Association at the Annual General Meeting. The presentation provides an overview of the project objectives and design direction to date. The presentation can be viewed as a PDF below.

PDFMount-Hotham-Sense-of-place-project.pdf (5693 KB)